My journey with SHIBLI began in NOVEMBER, 2014 in the Supply Chain Department at the newly established Development Center in Dubai. In just a year at SHIBLI my skills in Supply Chain have improved to a level that currently I am leading Supply Chain Activities for SHIBLI Development Centre. This was only possible due to the immense support and belief in me shown by the company. During my time here I have worked with the development of two products – TARSIER Thermal Weapon Sight and SKUA Thermal Imager. These highly sophisticated products required procurement of materials, parts, tools etc. from around the globe, within a strict timeline. This helped my interpersonal skills – for talking to vendors from different parts of the world – as well as time management which are the two most important aspects of Supply Chain. SHIBLI makes Leaders out of young employees by empowering them. This is also true for the teamwork atmosphere that is created for the optimum performance of different departments. We help each other, we collaborate very well with our foreign colleagues and we always work together to find better solutions to the problems we face.

Adeel Badar

Supply Chain Department

I have been a member of the SEL Administration team since July 2015. My job is to look after multi-function administration department. I have had the opportunity to work on variety of projects which required close collaboration with employees of different background, it really helped enhanced my skills and abilities many fold.

Faisal Shehzad

Administration Department

I have been working at SHIBLI as a quality control engineer for more than a year and I found its environment very welcoming and supportive for the fresh graduates. At first, being my first job, I thought it would be hard for me to integrate into an already established team but the team I met and began to work with were very supportive and helpful. SHIBLI acknowledges you a lot especially if you are ready to put your best effort. I would highly recommend SHIBLI to start your career with!

Hasnad Shahid

Quality Control Department

My very first job right after my undergraduate was with SHIBLI, coincidently that was the time the company was born. After the first three months of my job, I knew I wanted to stay at SHIBLI and grow with it. With almost four years in, I can confidently say that I made the right decision.
At SHIBLI I have worked on various projects, from working on System Interface Units, my first R&D project, to the development of our very own products i.e. TARSIER Thermal Weapon Sight and SKUA Thermal Imager.
The things I like best about SHIBLI are the variety of work and the freedom you have to develop your career. I’ve had a great time at SHIBLI and appreciate the time that has been invested in me – in formal training and personalized, on-the-job training too.

Naeem Altaf

System Engineer

It’s been less than a year since I started working at SHIBLI and I already feel like home here.
Straight from the university after graduation, this is my first regular job and considering the work environment and team-work here at SHIBLI Development Center, it’s been a world-class experience.
At SHIBLI, I have worked on the design of two products i.e. TARSIER Thermal Weapon Sight and SKUA Thermal Imager, which I consider to be an important milestone in the development of my career. My involvement in the development of these products is not only limited to the designing phase but I’ve also been given the opportunity to be part of manufacturing and assembling of the products in order to improve my skills and expand my professional horizons.

Isar Nazir

Mechanical Design Specialist

I have had the experience of working for the company for almost a year now and so far it has been nothing short of extraordinary. The team-oriented work environment and the tremendous amount of support received from my colleagues and mentors have been very helpful in achieving professional as well as personal development.

Shan e Ali

Finance Department

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