Thermal Binocular


As an advance and cutting-edge thermal imaging solution, the SKUA-LR is specially designed for infantry and special forces in reconnaissance and scouting roles. Mountable on tripod yet compact an lightweight enough to be a part of any soldier’s standard loadout, the SKUA-LR is designed to be your ever watchful eye on the battlefield of the future in both day and night scenarios.


  • Situational Awareness
  • Reconnaissance
  • Covert Operations
  • Surveillance
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Situational Awareness
  • Force Protection
  • Border Patrol
  • Port Security
  • Counter Insurgency Operations
  • Facility Protection

Technical Features

  • Silent Operation
  • High Resolution 640 x 480 Detector
  • Tripod Mountable
  • 4x Electronic Zoom
  • Instant Bootup
  • Light Weight, Rugged Mil STD 810-G F Qualified
  • Runs for more than 10 hours on standard AA Battery Pack
  • High Performance Colored OLED micro display
  • Ergonomic Controls
  • Usable in Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Suitable for Operations in Smoke and Fog
  • Day and Night Operations
  • Human Detection 2.5KM
  • Vehicle Detection 4.0km


2 Battery Pack
Operator Manual
Optical Cleaning Kit
Carrying Case & Pouch


Rechargable battries
Battery Charger
Integrated Handheld Display

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SKUA-LR Thermal Binocular

SKUA-LR is a Long Range Thermal Binocular by SHIBLI. Easy to carry and light in weight SKUA is designed to be user friendly cater to needs of modern warfare and military operations. Totally covert and compact SKUA-LR provides the user with complete situational awareness without being exposed. SKUA-LR with its ability to see at all time whether its day or night and on all terrains, is a perfect solution not only for border surveillance and main battlefield but also for homeland security. SKUA-LR is designed to equip modern soldier to see at night as well as in adverse weather conditions.

Shibli-skua-lr Thermal Binocular

Enhanced Viewing Ability:

The advanced 17μm 640x480 IR core delivers crisp and clear visuals under all conditions. Uncooled detector allows the Skua LR to boot up and reach a state of operational readiness instantly and allows detection capabilities up to 2.5 Km for humans & 4.0 Km for vehicles.

Effective Usability:

The Skua LR is mountable on a tripod for stationary observation and compact enough to be carried by infantry. It features silent operation to completely negate sound signatures and can instantly detect heat signatures.

Power Efficient:

The ability to run for more than 10 hours on 4 AA batteries means that the Skua SR is energy-efficient and easily serviceable. This greatly cuts down on device down-time due to charging or absence of power sources in battlefield scenarios.


A dire need of modern warfare is information and timely acquisition of information to cater the same, SKUA LR Long Range Thermal Binocular provide the user with an observation and surveillance ability not only in day time but also at night time and in all climatic conditions. With SKUA’s thermal imager, high resolution IR Core and state of the art design the user can detect targets at longest and distant ranges in pitch black darkness. SKUA is the eyes of the soldier in main battlefield and as well as homeland security scenarios. SHIBLI’s engineers and research and development team has ensured that SKUA Long Rage Thermal Binocular is a combination of optimum performance with crucial features like battery time, field of view, ruggedness and easy handling.


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