Our Culture

Work Environment
Our corporate environment promotes respect and nurtures individual creativity. We believe employee performance can only flourish when given a sound work environment. To that end, we maintain state-of-the-art facilities and provide our people with the best tools and technology available so they can perform at their optimum level. We believe in work-life balance, and as a consequence, our people are highly engaged and know that the work they are doing is making a difference.

Our Culture
At SHIBLI you’ll find a culture of creativity, collaboration, and community. We’re committed to supporting our employees through systems and policies that foster open communication, maintain privacy and assure health and safety. We encourage team work and collaboration and strive for excellence by investing in our people to build their skills and expertise so they can become our future leaders. We believe in continuous improvement and are adaptable to positive changes.

Our compensation & benefits are designed in a systematic way to give our people peace of mind, so they can concentrate more on work and feel rewarded.

  • Health Insurance
  • Competitive Salary Package
  • Work Life Balance
  • Professional Training & Development Programs
  • Performance Based Career Progression & Salary Raises
  • Recognition/Rewards and Incentives Programs
  • Opportunities for International Assignments
  • Company Cars for Managers/Executives
  • In-House Dining Facility
  • In-House Sports Facility
  • Pick & Drop Services
  • Gratuity

Training & Development
We want our employees to learn new skills, develop their capabilities and grow their knowledge so they not only manage their current roles with ease but are also ready for whatever challenges the future may hold. We offer the following training programs:

On the Job Training
It includes both coaching and mentoring by experienced staff and job rotation to rapidly enhance the skills sets of our people. These in-house training programs are designed to quickly integrate new hires into the main stream workforce as well as skills enhancement of existing workforce.

Off the Job Training
To keep up with the unrelenting pace of technology, the need for acquiring new skills is a top priority. We invest in our people by providing learning opportunities beyond borders in order for them to acquire advanced skills and leverage emerging technologies by arranging off the job trainings sessions which not only bring excellence and innovation to the organization but are also essential for employee own development.

We invest in our leadership by having a strong focus on our potential workforce. We value their capabilities, provide appropriate tools to build their skills and give them a real sense of purpose by empowering them with career roles that are defined and critical to the organization’s operations.