Guardian System

Guardian system 360 Degree Coverage, 24/7 Performance

An all inclusive system

Guardian System is an integrated all inclusive cooled thermal imaging system that can cater to all needs of professionals on area monitoring and surveillance duties. The system comprises of a smart and powerful thermal imager that can produce high quality thermal image even at extreme ranges.

Guardian System


The Guardian System by SHIBLI features a built in long range LRF, a day channel camera and 360 operable PTZ to provide you all information in every direction. The system can be mounted in harsh climatic conditions and remote areas with minimum requirement of maintenance.


SHIBLI stands to cater to need of the hour with the Border Surveillance System which is an advanced all inclusive smart system for long distance area surveillance, safety and security. The Border Surveillance System is an integrated, user friendly, rugged and low maintenance solution that enables remote monitoring of sensitive areas such as border and coastal lines with long range and high sensitivity ultra long range surveillance.

Easy To Install

Featuring a mounted motorized pan tilt zoom camera with complete rotation with a wired connection to a data processing control room to provide the user with 24/7 live feed of the activities along the border areas irrespective of harsh terrains and climate conditions. In a race between timely awareness and response SHIBLI’s Border Surveillance Systems are designed to provide a great advantage and are tailored to meet a whole range of requirements and budgets. From the manning of valuable assets, immigration control to the detection of unlawful cross border activities, SHIBLI offers expertise in the field of territory monitoring to ensure complete compliance with the law and optimize deployment and usage of different human and technical resources.


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