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SKUA-LR Thermal Binoculars

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As an advanced observation solution, designed to cater modern security, outdoor and protection needs,
SKUA-LR is lightweight and performance packed to provide high quality vision in all climatic conditions at long ranges.

“Chosen in situations where clarity is of utmost priority.”

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Thermal Binocular

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High quality germanium optics and supreme thermal image processing in SKUA-LR ensures detection at 4 Km in complete darkness giving the user greater time to respond.

Human 2500m
Vehicle 4000m

Instant & Endless Power

With SKUA-LR, user does not has to worry about the battery. With a running duration of more than 10 hours on 4 AA batteries, the SKUA-LR is energy-efficient and user friendly. This greatly cuts down on “down-time due to charging” or absence of power sources in remote areas.
The SKUA-LR features an instant start-up technology to not miss a thing.


Situational Awareness

The SKUA LR delivers crisp and clear image (Black Hot / White Hot) in day and night scenarios, as well as in other extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain, smoke and fog, with a high resolution 17μm 640×480 IR core, in-built memory for image capture and video recording, 4x electronic zoom and a FOV of 6.2 x 4.6 degrees. This high tech Offering superior visibility, timely detection and preparedness in all situations.

The Natural Way To See

The human brain is accustomed to see with both eyes. The SKUA- LR caters to that very need for the user, offering a dual eye piece viewing along with soft rubber eye guards for prolonged and comfortable use, limiting eye fatigue for maximum focus and long observation.
Both eye pieces in SKUA-LR offer adjustments to personalize the image according to eyesight.

Oblivious to the weather

Designed for optimal performance and long lasting durability, the SKUA-LR boasts a full, flawless waterproof and lightweight metal structure with precision encasing. The unit is designed to run flawlessly in the face of submersion up to 1 meter for 1 hour or harsh climatic conditions including extremely hot and freezing temperatures.

More Features

DRI Range Performance with
Actual Targets


Detector640×480, 17µm (NETD <50 mK)
Objective Lens100mm
Field of view (HxV)6.2° x 4.6°
Detection range (vehicle)4000m
Resolution, pixels640 x 480
Pixel pitch17
NETD< 50mk
Frame rate30Hz
Objective lens100mm
Field of view (HxV)6.2° x 4.6°
Eye relief50mm
 640 x 480
Range PerformanceDetection range (vehicle)4000m
Photo, Video Recorder
Video Recording (inbuilt)12 mins”}”>Yes > 12 mins
Video Recording (external)12 hrs”}”>Yes > 12 hrs
Image Storage (inbuilt)128 pictures
Built-in memory, Gb32 Gb
Wireless connectivityYes
Supported ApplicationView Smart Pro
Environmental Characteristics
Degree of protectionMIL-STD-810G
Operating temperature range-35°С to +55°С
Storage temperature range-40°C to +60°C
Water Immersion1m , 1hr
CompatibilityMount, typeMIL-STD-1913

Power Supply


Battery typeAA standard NiMH, Lithium batteries
Operating time on battery pack (at t=22°C), h *10h”}”>> 10h
External power supply5V /1A
Weight & Size
Dimensions, mm307 x 74.24 x 123
Weight, kg< 1.6kg

Product Overview

The SKUA-LR is a Long Range Handheld Thermal security camera by SHIBLI. Portable and lightweight, SKUA LR is an advanced integrated  cutting-edge security solution, designed to cater to modern security and protection needs, available with our flagship high resolution sensors and high performance colored OLED micro display. Sound and compact, SKUA-LR provides the user with complete situational awareness without exposure, designed for rugged reliance.

Polarity & Color Palettes

The SKUA-LR is equipped with both white hot and black hot image display options presenting detail as per requirement of the users so that visibility is optimum in all conditions.




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