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As one of the leading organization in the security and surveillance industry, SHIBLI maintains state-of-the-art organization to offer suite of career areas for the aspiring new entrants and experienced professionals.We strive for excellence in whatever we do and we are on the lookout for professionals who can drive innovation, excellence and customer satisfaction in all areas of our business. 

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Production forms the core of operations where products are assembled and manufactured. Production maintains state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled employees who have impeccable skills of workmanship to produce world class products.

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Quality Control

Quality Control ensures that the products and systems produced by the company comply with the latest industry standards aiming at continues enhancement of customer satisfaction. It manages laboratories with state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure product quality. It is also a key player in overall product life cycle management and after-sales customer support.

Operations Planning

Operation Planning prepares, analyzes and executes detailed plans used to provide a clear picture of how different segments of operations will contribute and collaborate to achieve organization’s strategic goals and ensure operational excellence.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain manages purchases, captures market innovation, optimizes relations with suppliers and manages risks. Procurement works in an international environment conducts complex negotiations, coordinates multidisciplinary teams including technical and Operations. Supply chain planning is done to ensure availability of inventory and optimal utilization of assets.

Warehouse & Materials Management

Warehouse & Materials Management ensures support to production and manufacturing through management of warehouses and inventory. It manages raw material, engineering spares and finished goods.

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Sales & Marketing

Business Development

Business development is a frontline interface of the company that is responsible for identifying as well as creating financially viable projects and business opportunities locally and internationally. it ensures that business opportunities are either created or identified that are guaranteed in the best Interest of the company.

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Sales manage relations with local and international customers and ensure long term customer satisfaction through providing clear and perfectly coordinated solutions. Sales function is also responsible for contracts with companies and organizations in all sectors. Their role is to promote and sell products, services and after-sales support. Sales manages various projects and contracts administration while managing several stake holders. it is also responsible for post contract management and assures fulfillment/ delivery of committed products & services to the end user.


Marcoms manages the outlook company upholds in front of internal and external stakeholders. This outlook channels the perception of the stakeholders; therefore, it is responsible to maintain and elevate the brand image and profile, in accordance with company’s strategic goals through various means and tools. It also works closely with operational and functional departments to support, direct and monitor their communications to achieve greater organization goals.

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Human Resources

The role of human resource is to plan, develop, and administer policies and programs designed to make effective use of organizations human resources. It is that part of management which is concerned with the people at work and with their relationship within the organization. Key areas under the umbrella of the HR are recruitment & selection, compensation and benefit, payroll, organizational development, training and development, performance management, and employee relations.

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Finance, Accounting & Legal

Finance function ensures optimal management of activities and business through financial planning, controlling, accounting and reporting. It also includes management of treasury, sale administration, financing and taxation. Legal department looks after the regulatory and statutory interests of the company and compliance to governing laws and regulations.


Administration supports the company operations by managing cafeterias, security and transport. Overall premises maintenance and related procurements are also managed by this department.

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Information Technology

Information Technology supports organizational operations through ensuring seamless connectivity, management of ERP and other IT platforms.

Development Center

Development Center Management

Development Center performs research and development for SHIBLI product portfolio. It ensures that the customer needs and market dynamics are understood and products are released ahead of the competition that delivers quality and trust.

Development Center maintains product roadmap and standards that assure product development projects optimally align with business objectives.

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Architect Office

Architect office is responsible for the end-to-end global design of the product. Architect office understand product vision and business needs to define product requirements and develop design principles to improve performance, capacity, and scalability of product

Mechanical & Optical Design Office

Mechanical & Optical Design Office is responsible for the complete mechanical and optical design of the products. Our mechanical and optical design team works to produce fully integrated opto-mechanical systems and sub-systems. Using state-of-the-art mechanical design software, we ensure systems are both technically feasible and mechanically manufacturable.

Electronics & Software Design Office

Electronics & software design office is specialized in hardware and software design. Should demonstrate know how in embedded systems and programming.

System Engineering

The Systems engineering covers the entire technical effort to develop and verify solutions that satisfy customer needs while ensuring industrial interests. Systems Engineers are involved in all stages of the products lifecycle from initial capture of the customer, proposition of a system design, through building the system, verifying and validating it and delivering it to the customer. System Engineers work on hardware and software architecture of the entire portfolio.

Support Business Partner

Business partners provide support to our critical functions in the areas of finance and accounts, supply chain management and Human resource management, ensuring seamless operations at different operating locations.

Our Core Values

Our values define the business we aspire to be. They reflect how it feels when we’re at our best. They’re a guide for what we do and say and the decisions we make every day

Our Recruitment Process

We recognize that our employees are fundamental to our success. We adopt a strategic and professional approach to recruitment processes and ensure a fair and impartial hiring process which results in the appropriate match of skills, knowledge and experience with job requirements.

Online Application

Once you’ve found a position that interests you on Careers page, you will need to submit your online application, including your latest CV/resume. The advertised job description will include all relevant information for you to decide whether you could be a best fit for the role. Only apply for positions which are relevant to your interest, background and prior experience to increase your chances of getting hired.


Our recruitment team carefully reviews all applications and shortlists candidates for the next phase, based on an appropriate match of skills, knowledge and experience in line with the job requirements.


Our selection process consists of a series of job-related & competencies assessments. These will vary depending on the position you have applied for and will be followed by in-person panel interviews to get to know more about yourself and your strengths, and for you to get to know more about us. Candidates who successfully demonstrate their skills and abilities and are best fit for the role are extended offer letters.

Work Environment​

Our corporate environment promotes respect and nurtures individual creativity. We believe employee performance can only flourish when given a sound work environment.  To that end, we maintain state-of-the-art facilities and provide our people with the best tools and technology available so they can perform at their optimum level. We believe in work-life balance, and as a consequence, our people are highly engaged & know that the work they are doing is making a difference.

Our Culture​

At SHIBLI you’ll find a culture of creativity, collaboration, and community. We’re committed to supporting our employees through systems and policies that foster open communication, maintain privacy and assure health and safety. We encourage team work and collaboration and strive for excellence by investing in our people to build their skills and expertise so they can become our future leaders. We believe in continuous improvement and are adaptable to positive changes.

Training, Development & Workshops

We want our employees to learn new skills, develop their capabilities and grow their knowledge so they not only manage their current roles with ease but are also ready for whatever challenges the future may hold. We offer the following training programs:

On the Job Training
It includes both coaching and mentoring by experienced staff and job rotation to rapidly enhance the skills sets of our people. These in-house training programs are designed to quickly integrate new hires into the main stream work force.

Off the Job Training
To keep up with the unrelenting pace of technology, the need for acquiring new skills is a top priority. We invest in our people by providing learning opportunities beyond borders in order for them to acquire advanced skills and leverage emerging technologies by arranging off the job trainings sessions.

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Lifestyle & Benefits

Our compensation & benefits are designed in a systematic way to give our people peace of mind, so they can concentrate more on work and feel rewarded.

Health Insurance

Competitive Salary Package

Work Life Balance

Professional Training & Development Programs

Performance Based Career Progression & Salary Raises

Recognition/Rewards and Incentives Programs

Opportunities for International Assignments

Company Cars for Managers/Executives

In-House Dining Facility

In-House Sports Facility

Pick & Drop Services


Employee Stories

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