Thermal Monocular

TIC Long Range Thermal Monocular

Long Range Thermal Monocular

The Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) is a Long Range Thermal Monocular which provides use high resolution crystal clear images  of targets even at long distance. The Thermal Imaging Camera features a monocular design with easy portability and mountability.

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High quality germanium optics and supreme thermal image processing in TIC ensures detection at 4 Km in complete darkness giving the user greater time to respond.

Human 2500m
Vehicle 4000m

Power Friendly

TIC has a built in hassle free battery compartment. The battery pack requires 4x AA Standard Batteries to power the sight for more than 8 hours continuously. The sight can also be turned on through multiple power input options such as power bank, AC/DC power adapter or through USB-A power input connector.

Robust & Water Resistant

TIC is designed to survive the harsh weather conditions and climatic conditions. TIC is fully compliant to international standards assuring high resistance against water.

Unafraid of Uncertain Environments.

Robust in all ways

TIC is specially designed to survive the harsh climatic and environmental conditions. Keeping in view the hard shocks and shakes that the sight might have to face in field environments the electronics of the sight boasts a high safety mechanism that gives consistent performance even after tough conditions has been through.


Detector640×480, 17µm (NETD <50 mK)
Objective Lens100mm
Field of view (HxV)6.2° x 4.6°
Detection range (vehicle)4000m
Resolution, pixels640 x 480
Pixel pitch17
NETD< 50mk
Frame rate30Hz
Objective lens100mm
Field of view (HxV)6.2° x 4.6°
Eye relief50mm
 640 x 480
Range PerformanceDetection range (vehicle)4000m
Photo, Video Recorder
Video Recording (inbuilt)Yes > 12 mins
Video Recording (external)Yes > 12 hrs
Image Storage (inbuilt)128 pictures
Built-in memory, Gb32 Gb
Wireless connectivityYes
Supported ApplicationView Smart Pro
Environmental Characteristics
Degree of protectionMIL-STD-810G
Operating temperature range-35°С to +55°С
Storage temperature range-40°C to +60°C
Water Immersion1m , 1hr
CompatibilityMount, typeMIL-STD-1913
Power Supply

Battery typeAA standard NiMH, Lithium batteries
Operating time on battery pack (at t=22°C), h *> 10h
External power supply5V /1A
Weight & Size
Dimensions, mm307 x 74.24 x 123
Weight, kg< 1.6kg


DRI Range Performance with
Actual Targets



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