Multi Purpose Bino

SKUA MP PRO Multipurpose Bino for Professionals

Exceptional in Multiple ways

Bring “A – Game” out for outdoor surveillance and recon with the all new and all powerful SKUA-MP Pro. Equipped with countless features, giving professionals comfortable and capable surveillance experience without disappointment.

Explore SKUA-MP Pro

Multifunctional Thermal Imaging &
Day vision Bino

An additional high quality low-light day camera gives the user a new perspective.
SKUA -MP Pro features a DUAL-CHANNEL (day / thermal) with SHIBLI’s high end image fusion technology catering to all observation needs.

Special Features

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Get position accuracy of < 2.5m CEP with the special inbuilt GPS, serving as a force multiplier and enhancing the capabilities of forward observers in action

Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC)

Get precise and quick orientation and angle measurements with the inbuilt DMC for complete edge in operational preparedness.

Laser Range Finder (LRF)

The integrated class 1, eye safe precision laser range finder allows tactful and timely detection and assessment of target in all conditions


Designed by keep in view the requirements of professional in tough outdoor conditions the sight boasts highest environmental standards to survive the toughest climatic conditions.

Seeing is Believing

SKUA-MP Pro combines multiple advance features in a compact body. Specially designed to enhance the observation experience SKUA-MP Pro, is one the most advance handheld multipurpose thermal imager available in the market.

12μm Thermal Sensor

Offering the highest quality thermal sensor for professional situational awareness and observation. The sight is powered by one of the most advanced thermal core SHIBLI has ever made.

DRI Range Performance
With Actual Targets

Polarity & Color Palettes

The SKUA-MP is equipped with both white hot and black hot image display options presenting image detail options for convenience of users so that visibility is maximized in all conditions.



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