Thermal Binocular

SKUA-MINI Compact Thermal Bino

SKUA-MINI Thermal Bino

SKUA MINI is compact thermal binocular for enthusiasts and users seeking a quality thermal image with a lightweight and highly portable thermal binocular which can be a part of their gear whenever they are in outdoors.

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Mighty on Performance

Although SKUA-MINI is tiny in presence but its might in performance. The sight can detect vehicle size objects at long distance ranges.

Human 1500m
Vehicle 3000m

Feather Weight

Light in the hand SKUA-MINI is only 500 grams. The sight offers great agility and portability when carrying in open fields or during long duration observations even in handheld mode.

Tougher than tough

SKUA-MINI is small and tiny but boasts a robust design capable to survive harsh weather conditions. The sight is fully water proof and sealed giving user the liberty to use the sight whenever wherever required.

Everyone's first choice

The sight retro-designed keeping in view the ease users share with conventional design of Binoculars. To enhance the same experience SKUA-MINI offers high quality thermal image in the same shell with similar weight when compared to a standard day binocular.

Polarity & Color Palettes

The SKUA-MINI is equipped with both white hot and black hot image display options presenting image detail options for convenience of users so that visibility is maximized.


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