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NIGHT RIDER Thermal Night Vision System

A Companion You Can Trust

SHIBLI’s Night Rider is day and night thermal navigational system that gives the driver complete situational awareness even when the visibility is zero. During changing climatic conditions for instance rain, storms, dense fog or in field environments where there are no roads or lights, Night Rider provides a clear thermal image to take you back in safety.

Explore Night Rider
Thermal Vehicle Sysytem

Night Rider is packed with features that make your journeys comfortable. Easily to integrate, it can be used along with car infotainment system. You can also record your journeys and share with fellow enthusiasts.

Easy to Install & User Friendly

A quick installation process and you are ready to go.

Environment Applications

Whether you are on the road for a long journey, or out in the field for adventure there can be multiple situations which can make your car ride distressing. With Night Rider you do not have to worry about the situational awareness and night drives.



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